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TuneAmp is a brand from the Ear Technology family, all founded by Dr. D. Schumaier. He was the 2nd private hearing aid dispenser in the USA and he is well known and respected in the audiology business for his involvement in hearing care. For more than twenty years our group of award-winning company has been manufacturing and distributing innovative products globally. TuneAmp™ Brings a new class of products developed to be sold by opticians.

“Ear Technology specializes in providing practical, real-world solutions” states Dr. Daniel R. Schumaier, company president and holder of over 100 patents worldwide. He goes on to say, “There is a large need today with active baby boomers finding they want improved listening and clarity at meetings, restaurants, church, TV/Radio, bird-watching; actually, all circumstances Baby boomers go to the opticians when they get tired of stretching their arms reading the newspaper because they value the fashion and function of custom fit eyewear. It only makes sense for us to work with opticians to deliver the best quality and value in this new product category.”

106 E Watauga Ave,
Johnson City,
TN 37601 USA